Against the Grain Betty Yu and OluSeyi
Documentary 6’ USA 2011

Against the Grain follows the story of Oluseyi, a Nigerian immigrant who is a cultural organizer, artist and graduate student undergoing testosterone therapy treatment and working to create an identity that is gender non-conforming.
Against the Grain

Being a Trans-Gender Living in a Two-Gender Society Petar Veljačić
Documentary 14’27” SERBIA 2010

This film presents some thoughts of specialists on gender, like Charlotte Rivero, founder of the queer tango school (Tangoverkstan in Stockholm), biologist Evelyn Peyre of the CNRS Institute (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) and the famous lawyer Stephen Whittle, who is a transsexual person himself, an active member of the United Kingdom Trans activist organization Press for Change and Professor of the Law School at Manchester Metropolitan University.
Being a Trans-Gender Living in a Two-Gender Society

I’m Just Anneke Jonathan Skurnik
Documentary 11’ USA 2011

This documentary is about a 12 year old boy whose gender tendencies are towards being a girl.  This does not cause much problem for his parents as they support him in any ways possible.  He is allowed to choose who he wants to be and for time being he is Anneke a girl who is not sure fully her identity.  The film interviews his parents and friends from school and their comments support the decision Anneke is going to make as she has fluid gender identity.  She is aware of changes that are going to occur if she decides that she wants to be female completely such as surgery.
I'm Just Anneke

Inside Out Zohreh Shayesteh
Documentary 42’ IRAN 2010

Maria is a middle-aged single woman with three children.  Saman is a newly married young man. Arash is an eighteen-year-old high-school dropout. They have one thing in common: They are transgender and living in the Islamic Republic of Iran. INSIDE OUT features intimate conversations with Maria (a male-to-female transsexual), Saman (female-to-male) and Arash (female-to-male), allowing them to tell their stories, including the lifelong struggle to come to terms with their gender dysphoria, how this mind/body conflict has affected their everyday behavior, and the impact of hormone therapy and sex-change surgery on their lives.
Inside Out

Her Name is Vivienne Mustafa Boga
Documentary 6’39″ UK 2012

This is a self portrait of a cross dresser from Romania who immigrated to England and lives in London.  As he is dressing up to go out his voice over explains the freedom he feels in London rather than his home town in Romania.  He expresses his true need to be fully a woman and that is going to come in due time.  Then he walks on the pavements of Soho (London) as a woman discovering the night life.
My Name is Vivien

No More Lies Sam Feder
Documentary 4’ USA 2011

Sam Feder is a transsexual filmmaker who asks his girlfriend to interview him about his identity and sexuality with preconceived questions.  The girlfriend is representing the mainstream perception of transgender which is naïve and surrounds illness and unusualness.  Sam with determination and confirmation challenges the questions and therefore preconceptions about transgender.
No More Lies

Paper Dolls Tomer Heymann
Documentary 80’ ISRAEL 2006

This documentary follows five Filipino transsexuals, each in different stage of gender transition and often referred to by their feminine names, who have emigrated to Israel to work as health care providers for elderly, Orthodox Jewish men.  On their nights off, they perform in Tel Aviv nightclubs as a drag group called “Paper Dolls”.  They are among 300,000 foreign immigrants who came to Israel in the wake of the Second Intifada to fill lowly jobs that had been handled by Palestinians.  Their status is precarious because they cannot file for citizenship and their visas are revoked if they lose their jobs. Although the task of taking care of the elderly is not easy, the liberal atmosphere of their adopted country has allowed the Paper Dolls to be free despite being viewed as outsiders.
Paper Dolls

Polly, Jennifer and Melissa Diego Ramirez
Experimental 4’30” AUSTRALIA/MEXICO 2012

This is an experimental fiction about an androgyne by the name of Polly recalls an episode of post coital anxiety while Jennifer confesses to a priest and Melissa poses flirtatiously for the viewer. Part sci-fi, queer and horror- Polly, Jennifer and Melissa is a video art set in the future querying contemporary notions of gender and identity politics.

Rites of Passage Jeff Roy
Documentary 20’ USA 2010

Rites of Passage is a documentary that follows Maya Jafer (formerly Mohammed Ghulam Jafer Hussein), a South Asian Muslim from Chennai, India, as she makes her gender transformation from male to female.  The film documents her journey from Los Angeles (her currently place of residence) to Bangkok, Thailand, following her up to the final moments leading towards her surgery.  Capturing Maya’s story with frankness and realism, the film brings the viewer into the mind of this brilliant, yet conflicted character.  Has Maya made the right decision to become a woman? Will the surgery be successful? Will Allah reward or punish her for being who she truly is? Maya must find ways of reconciling her tradition with her true identity.
Rites of Passage

So Porno Kalil Cohen
Video Clip 3’ USA 2011

This is a video-clip depicting the band in a natural environment and the singer singeing in front of the band intercut with a gender queer trans woman imagining a world that celebrates her post modern sexuality in Metahuman’s latest music video.
So Porno

Transsexual Dominatrix Shawna Virago
Video Clip 3’ USA 2011

This is a video-clip depicting San Francisco underground muse Shawna Virago wailing on her six-string and doles out lyrical pleasure-pain in this new leather anthem. / Shawna Virago is a San Francisco based musician and the Artistic Director of the San Francisco Transgender Film Festival.
Transsexual Dominatrix

Vessel For My Heart Ryan Willow
Documentary 12’50″ USA 2010

This movie explores the lives, perceptions, and experiences of transgender, gender-queer, gender-variant, and trans* ally individuals.  Guided by first-hand accounts of what gender can mean to them, viewers are encouraged to question their own concepts of what makes a ‘man’ or ‘woman’ within the framework of our Western society.  We all live in environments dictated by gender.  The question is, are we happy? And if not, what are we going to do about it?  This are the questions being asked from the characters from different professional positions such as a dancer and a lawyer appearing in this film, and how they are dealing with their new identities.
Vessel for My Heart

Warriors Montse Pujantell
Documentary 58’ SPAIN 2010

Warriors is a documentary that puts forth a reflection about the sexual identity, an approach to the gender development and its “control strategies”, based on a heterogeneous group of activists who stand for the transsexual and transgender community.  The film interview the trans activists about the role of politics and traditional values such as religion determines the way one should behave and identify with.  They decode the gender specifications due to lack of adequate knowledge available to trans genders as well as the mainstream.  The characters in this film are young and full of passion to create awareness among the politicians and the community to release the chains from being imprisoned into one gender identity.

X-Why Jake Graf
Fiction 6’ UK 2012

XWHY is a short fiction shot over the course of two years; this film takes the viewer through the physical and emotional journey that a young trans man undergoes during transition.  XWHY is a groundbreaking look at some of the trials and tribulations that trans people face both pre, and post transition, told in a light hearted, often humorous manner.  With a soundtrack that includes young trans R and B artist Naechane Valentino, indie/pop trio Monroe, and rockers The Huxleys, this is a hip insight into the ever evolving queer scene of London in the Noughties.  Lying naked in bed, a woman discovers that her girlfriend is no longer a woman and decides to leave him during her transition.  But his newly identified as transgender finds a girlfriend who is willing to be with a man.  His lesbian days are over and now that he has transitioned completely.
X Why