SEPTEMBER 14-18, 2015
AIFF 2015 Promo

AIFF 2015 ~ Official Selection
Short films by children (9-14 years old)

Back to Back Fiction 03’59” Australia 2015
Directors: Group (12-15 years old)

Disabled Animation 01’ Hong Kong 2015
Directors: Shun Yat Chan, Wai Chiu Tsang, Kam Tat Chin

Fate Animation 02’13” Hong Kong 2015
Directors: Lai Ki Lam, Ching Yi Chu, Yee Ting Wong

Little Attic Animation 03’36” Russia 2015
Directors: Bogush Maria Starlings Nikita Krawczyk Tais Lutsevich Denis Ryabov Vladimir

Missing Bees Animation 03’02” Hong Kong 2014
Directors: Wai Lam Wan, Ching Chiu Lam, Ka Yung Cheung

Monkey and Wombat Animation 03’47” UK 2014
Directors:Thurtonland School and Big Voice Media Collective

Replace Animation 01’48” Hong Kong 2014
Directors: Yiu Wing Yeung, Yee Ting Wong, Yiu Nam Wong, Ka Yung Cheung

Running Away Fiction 04’53” Australia 2015
Directors: Group (9-14 years old)

Sienna Fiction 03’20” Australia 2015
Directors: Group (9-12 years old)

The Firebird and The Volcano Animation 02’23” UK 2014
Directors:WinfordPrimary School and Phoenix Films

The Things Parents Get Up To Fiction 02’30” Australia 2014
Director: Olivia Ayoub

Trapped Fiction 04’53” Australia 2015
Directors: Group (12-15 years old)

Whisper Fiction 03’07” Australia 2014
Directors: Catherine Speck, Tara Amoroso-Phillips, Hannah Wilkinson

Wild Animation 02’34” UK 2014
Directors: Ilford Jewish Primary School and Mark Aitken

AIFF 2015 ~ Official Selection
Short films by young adults (15-22 years old)

1-0   Fiction 01’ Iran 2014
Director: Saman Hosseinpuor

Snail Soup Fiction 15’ Bosnia & Herzegovina 2015
Director: Benjamin Konjicija

The Barber’s Shop Documentary 03’42” UK 2014
Directors: My pockets and HMP Portland

The Boy Who Stayed In Animation 02’38” UK 2015
Directors:WestfieldArtsCollege and My Pockets

To Endeavour To Represent Documentary 05’33” UK 2014
Directors: Picture House Cinemas

What day is today? Animation/Documen4tary 12’25” Portugal 2015
Directors: Group of young people from Montemor-o-Novo

Window for Psychosis Fiction 01’43” Brazil 2014
Directors: Violeta Reveilleau and Luiza Carvalho

AIFF 2015 ~ Official Selection
Short films made by adults about/for children

Aunt Marulan and the Magic Soap Animation 03’ Australia 2014
Director:Michelle Lia

Billy Fiction 05’ Iran 2013
Director: Asrin Mahmudi

Juan and the Cloud Animation 15’30” Spain 2014
Directors: Giovanni Maccelli

Lunchbox Loser Fiction 14’ Canada 2014
Director: Virginia Abramovich

POWA Animation 07’39” Germany 2015
Directors: Antje Heyn

Pumpkin Fiction 08’ Russia 2014
Director: Julia Saponova

Seventh Heaven Animation 10’30” Israel 2014
Director: Or Tilinger

Super Girl Fiction 16’ India 2015
Directors: Vaani Arora & Hemant Gaba

The Dive Fiction 06’26” France 2015
Director: Cecile Davidovici

AIFF 2015 ~ Official Selection
Short films made by adults about/for youth

A World of Difference Documentary 23’ Finland 2015
Director: Jaana Pirskanen

Ahlem (dreams) Fiction 15 Italy 2014
Director: Alessandra Pescetta

Biodiversity Fiction 16’50” Spain 2015
Director: Guillermo Chapa

Edge of 12 Fiction 08’31” USA 2015
Director: Nanci Gaglio

Girl Fiction 12’20” Spain 2014
Director: Alauda Ruiz de Azua

In the Still of the Night Fiction 14’ Austria 2014
Director: Erich Steiner

Isabel Isabellae Fiction 09’ Spain 2015
Director: Amanda Rodríguez Lorenzo

Mouth Shut Fiction 09’33” Spain 2014
Director: Anna Farré Añó

One Hour at Friday Fiction 16’58” Russia 2015
Director: Mikhail Zhukovin

Second Love Fiction 13’39” Kazakhstan 2014
Director: Bakhtiyar Islamov

Sofi Fiction 22’ Kyrgyzstan/Bulgaria/Russia 2014
Director: Zhanna Karabalaeva

Syndrome Fiction 14’50” Kyrgyzstan 2015
Director: Tynchtyk Abylkasymov

AIFF 2015 ~ Official Selection
Feature films made by adults about/for children and/or youth

Maybe Tomorrow Fiction 88’ Austria 2013
Director: Alex K. Lee