Reel 2017 ~ Media Release

Media Release
April 04, 2017
Source: Cinewest

Reel Sydney Festival of World Cinema returns with a diverse selection of short and feature films from around the world. This year for the 3rd edition, the festival selected six shorts and two feature films to be screened in three sessions on May 13 and 14, 2017. The festival was conceived by Cinewest in partnership with Sutherland Shire Council in 2015 to bring the best of world cinema to the shire audiences.

‘It is an exciting process selecting films that reflect diversity of the world socially, culturally, economically and politically.  Australia is a perfect country to hold this event since we embrace cultural diversity.’ Says Vahid Vahed (Festival Curator)

The festival consists of six award winning short films from Australian around the globe with many premieres such as; Karen Pearlman’s ‘Woman with an Editing Bench’ and Sarah Jayne Portelli’s ‘Daughter’ from Australia, Sadam Wahidi’s ‘Mary Mother’ from Afghanistan, Gyulyara Meliki’s ‘Trust Me’ from UK and Switzerland and Veronika Galkina’s ‘Side Effect’ from Russia.

‘I previewed over two hundred short and feature films submitted to the festival and due to time restrictions in terms of having limited sessions, the competition became brutal! Hopefully, we could extent the sessions for future editions to be able to accommodate more great films.’ Vahed says

The festival presents two multi award winning feature films; Andrey Golubev’s ‘Autumn’s Kiss’ from Belarus and Andrea Bosshard’s ‘The Great Maiden’s Blush’ from NZ, both screen on the opening and closing sessions at Sutherland Entertainment Centre (Rainbow Room).

‘The festival is at early stages of development to find its niche audience in order to grow in size and film selections.’ Vahed says

Sutherland Entertainment Centre is hosting this significant event during May 13 and 14, 2017 with only three sessions including a Matinee on Sunday May 14, 2017.

Venue Contact/Bookings
Sutherland Entertainment Centre
30 Eton Street
Sutherland NSW 2232
Tel: (02) 95218888

Publicity Contact/Curator
Mr. Vahid Vahed
Tel: 0402707010