Cinewest was conceived as an association in 1999 under the auspice of Auburn Community Development Network.  In 2003, Cinewest became a legal entity as Company Limited by Guarantee (non-for Profit).  Cinewest Board of directors are active media, academic, film and television industry members foreseeing the company’s aims and objectives.  Since 2004, Cinewest is partially subsidized by Sydney Olympic Park Authority to deliver a series of screen culture activities and events as part of its arts and cultural strategies. 

Since its conception, Cinewest has been a recipient of various grants and funds from Screen Australia, Screen NSW, the Australia Council for the Arts, Regional Arts Fund NSW, Arts NSW and many local and regional councils such as; Auburn Council, Parramatta Council and Shire Council.


President: Lex Marinos                       Executive Director: Vahid Vahed                         

Treasurer: Eugene Ulman                     Director: Jane Mills


-Familiarize the Western Sydney communities with Screen Culture practices and Community Partnership strategies.

-Encourage children and youth to undertake cross-arts projects focusing on media literacy, moving images and digital media.

-Provide job opportunities through the process and outcome of one-off and/or on-going screen and cross-arts projects.

-Present, promote and distribute the outcomes of screen and cross-arts projects.

-Share resources with organizations that have similar aims and objectives.

-Create platforms for marginal groups and individuals to express social, economical and political issues through screen and cross-arts practices.