21st Auburn International Film Festival
for Children and Young Adults

September 2018


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Director’s Note

Auburn International Film Festival for Children and Young Adults was conceived in 1998 as an audience development initiative by Auburn Community Development Network’s Multicultural Arts Officer. The festival was partially supported by Local, State and Federal screen funding bodies until 2007.

Due to various political and economical reasons the funding never returned to the festival except one-off events such as Travelling Festival in remote parts of NSW. Since 2010, The festival has been subsidized by Sydney Olympic Park Authority’s Kids In The Park.

The festival stayed alive through national and international partners, as well as dedication from the volunteers and filmmakers who supported this project that provided a platform for their films to be presented, promoted and distributed locally and globally.

Since the festival’s conception, thousands of primary and high school students from Western Sydney and regional NSW visited the festival and learned about how the rest of the world recognizes the states of children and young adults. The festival showcased over 2000 short and feature length titles and represented 70 countries within the past 20 editions.

Through Exchange Programs, the festival created a network of festival partners such as; Seoul International Film Festival for Youth (South Korea), Roshd International Film Festival (Iran), Taiwan Children’s Film and TV Festival (Taiwan), Chinh Children’s Film Festival (India) and Golden Elephant Children’s International Film Festival (India).

This year, the festival celebrates its 20th anniversary reminiscing of the achievements through audience development and engagement strategies undertaken. The festival is proud to have established national and international partners with educational institutions, arts and cultural organizations such as; CIFEJ (International Centre of Films for Children and Young Adults) a UNESCO and UNICEF project conceived in 1955, and IYMS (International Youth Media Summit) conceived in 2006.

The festival would like to thank all the supporters who had faith in such project as an Australian landmark representing children and youth produced films as well as films about or for children and youth by adults from Australia and beyond since 1998.

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