4th WOMEN Media Arts and Film Festival
September 02-03, 2017

Closing Date for Entries is JUNE 30, 2017

September 20, 2016

3rd Women Media Arts and Film Festival will be held at the Newington Armory in multiple venues during October 01 and 02, 2016.  The festival became a credible platform for women film producers, writers and directors locally and globally since its conception in 2013. 

‘This year, the festival received an overwhelming number of submissions (nearly 500 short and feature films and digital media arts) and selected 11 feature films, 42 short films and 4 Digital Media work/installation from 29 countries that covers all the world’s continents.’ Says Ms. Maryam Kassaie (Festival Co-Curator)

The feature film category consists of multi-award winning works by women in key positions and sometimes in co-key positions such as; BAFTA nominated ’16 Years till Summer’ by Lou McLoughlan (UK), ‘Public Intimacy’ by Luciana Canton (Brazil) and ‘The Great Maiden’s Blush’ by Andrea Bosshard (New Zealand) in the feature category. 

‘It’s such an honour to represent these films by women and extremely intriguing to become familiar with alternative points of view in oppose to the dominant men’s perspectives of the world.’  Says Mr. Vahid Vahed (Festival Co-Curator)

The short film category presents acclaimed works by Australian women filmmakers such as; ‘Gaest’ by Alex Mullarky, ‘Black Cat’ by Leonie Savvides and ‘Daughter’ by Sarah Jane Portelli.  Also, in the international short film category the festival presents ‘A Story of Emigration’ by Stephanie Koussa from Lebanon, ‘Marceline Blurr’ by Nadia Mata Portillo from Spain, ‘Love’ by Yana Klimova-Yusupova from Russia, ‘Moriom’ by Francesca Scalisi from Switzerland and ‘Steps’ by Naomi Brassard from Canada.

‘The films by women provides a unique way of addressing issues surrounding women, politically, socially and economically through the medium of moving images with outstanding cinematic forms.’ Says Ms. Kassaie

The Media Arts Category presents four works in a form of installations such as; ‘Continent’ by Katya Yakubov from USA, ‘In Motion’ Anabela Costa from France, ‘Lullaby’ by Sarah Ouazzani from France and Rainy Red’ by Evguenia Men from Australia.

The festival opens on Saturday October 01 and closes on Sunday October 02, 2016.  The venues are Building 20 and 22 at the Newington Armory and admission is free for the public, commencing at 11:00 until 16:00.

For more information and publicity inquiries please contact Festival Curators;
Maryam Kassaie and Vahid Vahed
Tel: +61 402707010
Email: festival@cinewest.org
Or visit Cinewest Website: www.cinewest.org  

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