Special Online Screenings

Showcasing the best of World Classic Cinema. Cinewest Cinémathèque is contributing to screen culture and audience development locally and regionally. Introducing the history of cinema initiated by Cinewest, in partnership with Sydney Olympic park Authority.

Venue: Armory Theatre
Building 22 The Newington Armory
Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127

Time: 14:00 - 16:00

Ratings: 18+

Sunday - June / 14 / 2020

Track 143

Director: Narges Abyar 
Fiction / 93' / Iran / 2013

Olfat is raising her children in hardship. She has one daughter and one son called Yonos who works in Kerman copper mine. One day, she finds a note at home with this massage "My friends and I are going to enter the war as soldiers". After reading this note, Olfat and his friend's parents got worried about their sons. When operation Valfajr failed, they received news about Yonos's friend. Olfat is waiting for her son too. As she finds out that the Iraqi radio announces the Iranian captives' names, she ties a radio on her back and carries it everywhere.

Sunday - June / 21 / 2020

Being There

Director: Khashayar Mostafavi
Fiction / 92’ / Germany / 2017

Escaping war, a Syrian writer seeks asylum in Germany with his family which now only consists of him and a little girl after losing his wife on the escape route. Once they are settled in a refugee camp, he is forced to transfer her daughter's custody to a German family because of an incident occurred due to a misunderstanding. In the meantime, he finds integration with the German society exceedingly difficult since he is being received as an outcast. He gives up writing to earn his life and starts to identify himself with new jobs as a cleaner, a worker, and a waiter at the request of the host society.

Sunday - June / 28 / 2020

Coalesce: A City Composed

Director: Joshua Provost
Documentary / 70' / USA / 2017

A visual artist and a musician create a series of works in which paintings and musical scores form cohesive pieces intended to be experienced together. The works interpret the excitement and monotony of life in the urban desert sprawl from the diverse perspectives of the native and the newcomer. An intensely focused document of the process of creation and collaboration as four new works come to life.